Interviews of the former Secretaries-General

With the aim of complementing and illustrating its archives, the Historical Archives decided to launch in 2009 a project to collect oral memory. Initially dedicated to collecting testimonies of former Presidents of the European Parliament, the project has gradually expanded to also include former Secretaries-General, MEPs and politicians who played a major role in European construction. These video sequences are unique and exceptional testimonies of the men and women involved and key players in the history of Europe.

Technical difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, the interviews of the European Parliament Presidents and those of the former Secretaries-General are not available for the moment. We are doing our best to fix this as soon as possible.
Thank you for your comprehension.

Enrico Vinci (1986-1997)

"I played my part in the European Parliament for some 20 to 25 years, so I can claim to have played my part in Europe."

Interview in detail


Enrico Vinci archives: The screening exercise

Enrico Vinci archives: The issue of the seat of the European Parliament and transfers to Brussels

Enrico Vinci archives: The European Parliament’s property policy

Enrico Vinci archives: The 1995 enlargement and its impact on the European Parliament’s General Secretariat

Enrico Vinci archives: The role of the General Secretariat in the European Parliament’s organising of and/or participation in artistic, cultural or sports events

Enrico Vinci archives: Presentation of the fonds

Julian Priestley (1997-2007)

"As a Secretary General of the EP for 10 years, I had the unique privilege to assist Parliament as it came of age"

Interview in detail


Julian Priestley archives: Drafting and implementation of the Members' statutes

Julian Priestley archives: Reorganising parliamentary work: “Raising the game”

Julian Priestley archives: The Commission reform

Julian Priestley archives: European elections 1999 and 2004

Julian Priestley archives: 2004 Enlargement preparations

Julian Priestley archives: Enlargement preparation 2007

Julian Priestley archives: Presentation of the fonds

Our methodology

A thorough analysis of the interviewee's archives was conducted, which resulted in the preparation of a list of questions in connection with the main events and actions that marked the mandate. These questions are submitted prior to the interview and lead to a filmed interview conducted in the native language of the interviewee.

Based on the full interview, thematic sequences are assembled and presented here with, for better understanding, a short biography and a thematic and archival presentation of the archives. In case a person is not available for an interview (refusal or death) a montage with audiovisual archives is performed. Soon, the videos will benefit from subtitling and / or transcription in EN, FR and DE.