Members of the EP

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Parlamentarium, Brussels

The Archives has custody of collections of private political papers and records of Members and former Members of the European Parliament, whose contributions proved to be particularly important in the development of the European Union.

The collections either reflect all activities of a Member during his mandate, or contain just the records related to a specific procedure or subject of interest on which the Member worked on.

They offer a unique testimony of parliamentary and political work, retracing the steps of different procedures, and unveiling the intense and exciting work performed by the Members and their assistants, and the interaction between Members, political groups and civil society.

Since 2004, the Archives conduct an active acquisition policy of private papers of Members.
  • BEER, Angelika
  • BERÈS, Pervenche
  • DOYLE, Avril
  • DUFF, Andrew
  • GURMAI, Zita
  • HÄFNER, Gerald
  • HÜBNER, Danuta Maria
  • MUSCARDINI,Cristina
  • THEATO,Diana
  • WALLIS,Diana
  • WATSON,Graham